Big News!

So I’ve been sitting on some news for a bit now. I was sworn to secrecy by this little Welsh woman who threatened me with all kinds of painful experiences so I had to stay quiet. But, alas, I am free to tell you all that I am competing in the televised “A Way With Dogs”! I think I’m the first American to ever be invited to compete on this program which is an honor in itself but also the competition I’m running with is seriously the elite of the elite of the sheepdog world! World Champions, Supreme Champions, National Champions… and then theres me… Good Lord.

I’ve been watching the videos and it makes me seriously get stress cramps. These guys are incredibly good. Like, how was I invited to run? I don’t know but I’m gonna go with it because I like to travel and I’ve never been to Wales. I’ve always said that if I ever get to go to the U.K. that I’d want to have my own dog with me so I could run in trials and play on farms with my own dog. I didn’t expect that to actually happen though! Seriously…? WTF?

Life is a great journey, if we let it be that. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to travel the world and see the things that I’ve only seen in books… now I get to see them in person. Years ago I read a book called “A Way Of Life” by H. Glyn Jones, I’ve seen his training videos and I’ve followed those dogs through several years of competitions… Now I get to visit that farm with my dog Nell, who is a descendent of his dogs, and I get to compete on the very lands that those dogs were trained on. Its truly a “full circle” moment for me.

Stay tuned for fund raising opportunities. I’m shameless in my desire to get help to do these things but I don’t really care because I love sharing my life with everyone (all three of you) who read my blog!

7 thoughts on “Big News!

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  1. OMG,I’m so excited and happy for you ! What an amazing journey your on !!!
    All my love and support !
    Your a wonderful amazing ,beautiful person.
    God Bless!


  2. What an incredible adventure. Can’t wait to watch you and Nell in action. You two are a formidable team!


  3. “…. and then there’s me” That made me smile… had those very same feelings and thoughts race thru my head at the Nursery finals in Virginia! Me a nobody with a home schooled dog …I take my dog to spot sheep and who is in front of me but Amanda Milliken and Derek Fisher! The very people I followed competing at The World’s …
    You are right up there Derek, enjoy the journey!

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  4. Dearest Derek,
    I am so very happy for you Derek. I admire you and cherish your friendship!!! I wish you all the best and am channeling support to you. An amazing adventure awaits you.

    Much love


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